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Learn How to Read Tarot Cards!

Tarot course presented by Lisa Smirnova

Welcome to my Tarot Course! I have over 25 years experience as a professional Tarot reader and teacher. Now you can easily learn how to read Tarot cards with my help and advice.

My Tarot course consists 4 meetings with me (45 minutes each). During meetings I will be answering your questions and assisting you while you practice readings. We can start with online meetings (email, chat, or skype) to determine your individual needs. I prefer personal meetings instead of online conversations.

The emphasis of the course is how to use Tarot as a tool to accessing higher guidance as well as for personal growth.

We will discuss the history of Tarot, meanings of all the cards, two layouts (two types of Astrological spreads and the Celtic Cross spread). I will help you to determine your lifetime soul/personality cards and yearly growth cards. We will have fun exercises to help you develop rapport with the cards.

Tarot is a powerful tool to helping you access higher guidance, develop intuition, expand creativity, facilitate decision-making, clarify options, and increase self-awareness.

We can start learning tarot with Rider Waite deck or one that is similar. I will also teach you about other tarot deck and methods, so you will be able to read with any deck of tarot, and choose the best that fits your personality.

The first four meetings are free. And we will see how it works for you and if you want to keep learning. I will determine the individual program for you.

Learning is everlasting and never ending process.

I can create certificates for you if you wish. But my goal is to promote tarot as a useful and practical tool for your personal growth and meditation!